Kirovsk (photo)

Photo Kirovsk


Kirovsk is the center of the same-named district in the Mogilev region. The city is on the highway Mogilev-Bobruisk, the distance from Mogilev is about 90 kilometers. In sources he was mentioned for the first time since the 16th century. The city once belonged to both the Russian Empire and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Interesting Facts At one time Kirovsk was united with the villages of Kirovo and Staroselie. So there was a larger administrative settlement. In the future, there was a gradual increase in the population, the most stable by now. The city is actively developing, there is a tendency to increase. The city has its own food factory. If we talk about the sights of the city, the most important is the palace and park complex Bulgakov. What is good about Kirovsk Kirovsk is famous for its remarkable nature. It is interesting to walk along the old park, built in the Soviet era. It is an excellent example of garden architecture. Everywhere picturesque forests and small rivers that are great for recreation.