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Taxi service Minsk Bereza Taxi from Minsk Airport to Bereza is a good opportunity to visit an expensive beloved city. The duration of the trip from one city to another is just over three hours. If we talk about distance, it's about 240 kilometers. We advise you to make an order in advance, as this avoids various unpleasant situations. Cooperation with us helps to avoid wasting the car. About the city The city of Bereza is famous for its magnificent views, green spaces and pleasant air. There are a lot of estates in the district where you can relax with great comfort. Tourists are offered the most profitable programs, including hiking and mushrooming. If you go to the Spore Lake, you can relax in the most favorable conditions for yourself. Afterwards you will come back rested and seriously gained strength. Each estate has several cafes and even restaurants, where you can enjoy delicious local cuisine. Water skiing, billiards, a variety of excursions - with all this can be easily encountered, being in these regions. Many people, once visiting the Bereza and the surrounding area one day, are eager to return here again and again. We are more profitable In the event that you decide to order a return transfer, you will receive a discount of 50%. Our prices are one of the most affordable for customers on the market. Therefore, you do not have to look for another suitable taxi service for yourself. We have group transfers, many of our clients have already taken advantage of this offer. There is an opportunity to make a preliminary order taxi Minsk Bereza. You will not have to worry about your plans, no extra waiting for the machine - all within the specified time.